The truth behind the earthquake in Italy!!!!

Although initially the Foreign Ministry announced that there was no record of any Spanish victim, today we mourn the loss of Ana Huete a grenadine young man who was on holiday with her husband in Illica, another village plunged into destruction. In this video we can see talking about the business that had ridden with his partner in his hometown.

The death toll from the earthquake which struck central Italy now stands at 241, but Italian rescue services do not despair and continue to work to try to rescue more people alive from the rubble.

During the next four hours of the earthquake, they were recorded up to 60 replicas. But the residents of the affected regions -Umbria, Lazio and Marche- given equal danger. Walk through this hell of debris, darkness and silence, looking cries for help from survivors. Stone by stone or bulldozed the remains of the disaster are removed. Ambulances, police, fire, any help is little.


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