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Progressive jackpots

The casino still has advantage in most games, so the player usually takes to lose. This is because the casino games are designed so that the house has an advantage. Thus, eventually, the famous saying is true: “The casino always wins.” Debatable or not said, there is a clear fact indicating that the statement is true and this fact is that casinos continue to operate despite the cost of electricity, water and wages and high taxes they must pay.

However, there are times that it is possible that a certain player has at some time in front of the casino advantage, being the jackpots or progressive jackpots caused this situation.

How can give advantage progressive jackpots?

The advantages of casino games are based on fixed payments based on statistics and probabilities. If a casino game has a house advantage of five percent, it means the difference between money received by the casino and the payment made to users is five, always talking long term. This means that the delivery casino awards 95% of the money received in the specific case mentioned.

If the casino knows that an action will take place once in every five, will pay the winner 3 to 1 on that bet and will know to advantage, however, the casino does not set limits for progressive jackpots, because they are built with money players invest in them.

Keep in mind that the casino does not lose money with progressive jackpots as the money goes into the pot is a small amount of bets placed by players, but if no one hits the jackpot for a long time, the boat can achieve exceptional levels whose odds favor the players.

In this way the house advantage in certain runs not only vanishes but is reversed and the player with an advantage, in other words, the odds that hit the jackpot can be from 100,000 to 1, but if it has $ 1 million, the amount of money is so gigantic that eradicates any advantage to the house about the player takes the jackpot.

How big should be the progressive jackpot?

There is no way to know unless the casino data known or the player has done really complicated calculations, however, a game with a jackpot of millions or even hundreds of thousands is likely to tip the balance in favor of the player.

Although in this case the player has a chance of winning more money than invested, keep in mind that the progressive jackpots are part of the money from people who have played before, so the casino does not lose money on these cases.



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