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Video Poker Rules

Play Video Poker is simple, since all we have to do is choose a bet, spin the reels and try to get the highest possible move poke combining letters. Here we explain in detail the gameplay and rules of the most common variants.

Tabla El video poker Video Poker is a popular casino game. The first video poker machine, as we know it today, was created in 1979.

Moreover, it is probably one of the few online casinos games where it is possible (even quite feasible) beat the machine. Some versions, as we shall see, have higher percentages of payments to 99%. You can beat the banks, of course, but for this you have to play perfectly and, of course, you also have to have some luck. Eventually the bank always makes box.

In CasinoToplists we offer two ways to you can play for free and online: Jacks or Better and Aces & Faces.

Video poker is a game with a similar slot format as it is played against the machine.

How to play Video Poker online?


1. Decide mode to play Video Poker: Jacks or Better and Aces & Faces. The rules are the same in all modes. Just change the paytable.

2. The player receives 5 cards.

3. The goal is to get the best possible combination of cards.

4. If you make a straight flush or Straight Flush to Aces with the highest number of credits, the jackpot is achieved.

At the beginning, the player receives five cards and, with them, you should find the perfect combination following the rules of traditional poker. Have only one discard in which you can change all the cards you want. These are general and basic rules, although obviously there are some aspects that can change from one online casino to another.

How to play Video Poker?

  • First you have to decide on your bet. It is usually possible to bet between one and four (five in some machines) credits. If you play multi-hand video poker you should know that the bet is for each of the hands you choose to play.
  • Deal squeezes to make the bet.
  • Now you get your five-card hand and, like in poker is deciding which ones you stay and what you want to detach.
  • You have to mark the cards you want to remain in your hand so they do not disappear from your screen.
  • Deal press the button a second time to receive the cards you have requested.
  • Now you have your final hand and it is time to compare it with the paytable. In some cases the minimum prize to have hand is a pair of Jacks while in others it is de Reyes (Kings), all depending on the machine.



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