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Keno Rules

The online Keno game is easy to learn. According to the official rules of Keno, the game must be made with a card that includes 80 numbers to choose from. To play, the bettor selects numbers (also called “spots”) by those who want to bet and hopes that luck remove the numbers that make it a winner.

How to play Keno online?


1. The objective of Keno is to guess the numbers that you bet.

2. The card has 80 numbers.

3. The numbers out electronically.

4. You can bet on up to 15 or 20 numbers, depending on the casino you choose.

The more numbers you choose the higher the prize for which you compete. But keep in mind that the more numbers you choose, the greater the difficulty that the ticket you get out winning. When you play online Keno, the numbers out electronically, while the games live Keno, the numbers are removed from the traditional way, with ping-pong balls numbered being sucked into a tube one by one.

How Keno is played?

Before learning how to play Keno correctly, you have to know the different types of cards available:

1. Normal Cards.

When you play a straight ticket you select the numbers you want on the Keno card and wait for these out. Normally, you are allowed to bet between 1 and 15 numbers but some casinos allow you to bet up to 20 numbers with normal cards.

2. Card combinations.

When you play with different combinations, you merge several groups of normal cards in different ways to have more chance of winning. Each possible combination will cost you want to have a bet of one unit, a price that in some cases worth paying to have more chance of winning.

3. divided Cards.

When you play a split card, play two or more games on the same Keno Card. You choose two groups of numbers and divide with circles or a line. If you bet 2 € per game, the total price of both groups would be 4 €.

4. Way Cards.

When you play a card Way bets, several groups of numbers on the same card Keno, this being the most complex bet in Keno. For starters, you have to decide how many combinations of numbers from the groups you have chosen to bet on them. Then you must count the bets made according to fractions you place to the right of the betting field.

To find out the cost of your bet you must add the numerators. This may seem complicated but usually is not necessary for you to do the job as workers casino or the software you use if this is will help online betting.

5. King Cards.

The King cards are a variation Card Way. The difference is that in this game you select one or more numbers as “King numbers”. The “King Numbers” are surrounded themselves and have a special importance, while the rest of the numbers are surrounded in groups.

Strategy to use in Keno

The Online Keno strategy is to accept that choose not about numbers or other influences the development of the game, but the odds of winning are the same. Despite this statement, you do have to keep in mind that the amount of selected numbers greatly influences the results, so that’s convenient to have a proper strategy on the amount of numbers to choose from in each round.

There are many people that say that you should not choose numbers followed because those will never come, but this idea is wrong because the chances of leaving are the same as if they were numbers with nothing in common.

Keno is a game of chance and therefore can not be affected by its outcome strange ramblings. Read carefully relevant to the Strategy Keno and do not be fooled by those who say they have discovered a way to always win this game information.



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