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Rules of craps.

If this is the first time you approach a table where you play dice, quiet because the rules are much simpler than it may seem. The breakneck pace that usually surrounds this game in casinos is not an impediment to learn how to play craps online.

Obviously it is necessary to throw hours to become a player with a good knowledge. However, to start playing will be enough with a quick reading of the rules, paying particular attention to the main bets. With this, at least, you avoid feeling like a stranger.

How to play the online dice?


1. It is useful to know the different types of bets on craps.

2. The player places a bet on the Pass Line and Do not Pass Line.

3. dice are rolled. If 7 or 11 wins the bettor to the pass line.

4. In some casinos the number 12 is considered a draw.

The most important are the stakes craps. Some of these may vary from one casino to another. If so, they will be widely explained, so that new players will have no problem to understand them. All other bets are common. The show below.

Bet the Pass Line and Do not Pass Line
Before the come out roll, the player has to place a bet Pass Line / Do not Pass Line.

black arrow Line Bet Pass: If the sum on the roll of the dice is a natural: 7 or 11, the Pass Line bet wins. If this happens, the round ends and begins a new one in which, if played in a physical casino, change the pitcher.



black arrow Line Bet not Pass: If the result is 2, 3 or 12, the winners will be those who have bet on the Do not Pass Line. This is called “Craps”.


black arrow Number 12: It is likely that at some casino, the number 12 is considered a tie. In that case, the bet is returned to the player and, equally, a new round begins.

How the starting point is marked?

Also, of course, it may happen that the sum of the two dice in the initial print run of neither of the above values. Then the number will mark the point for the winner. That is, if the dice out 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, that will be the point.

The dealer then check the box that has been declared as the point and the player continues rolling the dice until you check out a 7. Thereafter, if the result is the point, the Pass Line wins; if a 7, the winner will be the Do not Pass Line.

Bettors win if the shooter gets a natural: 7 or 11. If, however, leave “Craps”, 2, 3, or 12, they will lose. If they get a point shooter: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, must achieve that point again before pulling the manager can win with a 7.

Knowing how the pass line works is a basic aspect to start playing Craps. Then others will come also important knowledge, but it is essential to play.

You probably already know the phrase that comes now, still you we repeat: “The only way to learn to play Craps is dicing”.



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