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Caribbean Stud Poker is a relatively new casino game. No one seems to know for sure who invented it, but the evidence we have of its origin is that appeared in the Caribbean in the 80s.

In addition to sharing both the number of cards (five) and the hierarchy of the hands of most poker games, the game is not in itself a true variant of poker, but rather a combination of poker and blackjack.

How to play Caribbean Stud Online?


1. The objective in Caribbean Stud is to get a better hand than the dealer.

2. Both the player and the dealer receive 5 cards and poker hand is stronger wins.

3. The value of the hands is the same as with the plays in the traditional poker, so if the player believes his hand is strong to bet and if you think it is weak is convenient to leave.

4. To start playing, you must place an ante or initial bet on the table. Based on the cards, you can raise or leave the pauesta.

Before receiving the cards, the player makes the payment Ante is a forced bet. Because you can get an extra payment if get a really strong hand, the player must also make another payment if you want to try to get the pot. After this bet, the player receives five cards, like the dealer, with the difference that the latter receives one card face up. After checking his cards, the bettor will have two options:

1. Abandon and lose the bet “Ante” initial.

2. Make a double bet the Ante and face his hand to the dealer.

When is the optimal tactic used, the house advantage is set approximately 5%. the importance of the decision about paying, or not, the face is seen, therefore.

In poker betting continues; indeed, in that first moment and you can start climbing. By contrast, in the Caribbean Stud the only time in which the player can influence the development of the game is when he saw the five cards. With these and which teaches the dealer will have to decide whether to continue in the hand or give it up.

If different games are scrutinized it is found that, for example, slot machines there is always an important advantage for the house. Certainly more than holds in the Caribbean Poker where also you can decide if you want to play the hand or fold and thus minimize losses.



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