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Bingo | Rules

Bingo The online Bingo is a game extremely simple and immensely popular gambling worldwide, becoming regarded as a purely social act in some countries.

Bingo rules are really simple and known to everyone: all you have to do is buy a carton and wait for the numbers that come out are reflected in it. When they come out all our numbers, will come the long-awaited moment when loudly sing ‘BINGO !!

Operators have realized that they must give something more to the player if they want the bingo again be the favorite game of many of them. In the 90s the Video Bingo arrived and appeared shortly after the online bingo.

How to play online bingo?

The online bingo halls have an advantage over traditional, for example, you can play when we feel like, and from anywhere in the world. We can also easily change room without losing more than five minutes. However, the bingo network lost that aura of classicism that surrounds the bingo halls with their cards, pens, balls and Sir or Madam singing numbers.

Start playing online is easy. Just register on the site chosen online casino and start fun with cardboard to provide us with the site in question.

How to play Bingo online?


1. You can play up to 50 cards at the same time.

2. There are 75 balls in play, unlike the 90 physical bingo.

3. The goal is to get out all the numbers we have in the board as soon as possible.

If we play with more than one card, it is best that we use at most four. None of this can be extrapolated to online bingo because, as mentioned, on the network do not need to be attentive to cross out the numbers. Players have the ability to play up to 50 cards at the same time. The online game differs from the physical that has 75 balls and not 90 as often happens.

Depending on the type of Bingo numbers in each carton and the amount of balls that come into play is different, but the goal is always the same, get out all the numbers we have in the carton and thus be the first person to do line and Bingo.

Though the game, or rather, how to enjoy it, modernizes and conform to the times, the mechanism remains the same. The aim is that the balls go all the numbers we have in the carton.

Online Bingo Jackpots

Bingo online bingo prizes CasinoNetBetLos are usually larger than those offered by the traditional bingo. Online bingo halls offer as normal prizes, special boats with exceptional prizes.

Many sites offer boats with daily prizes, but at the same time, many other progressive jackpots accumulate together with all games Bingo site offering some amazing prizes. This means that if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a chunk of money, with prizes that can reach € 10,000 or more.



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